Yahoo Login is more popular than Facebook. Are you covered?

Posted on March 29th, 2010 by Philippe Cailloux
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On PaidContent today, they have shared our login data which reveals some suprising information about the state of delegated identity on the web.

We think the new login data is important for major publishers.

To increase distribution, major media properties like Time and Forbes are leveraging their visitors social connections to distribute content into social networks.

By embracing a multi-platform approach, using tools like Echo, which allow a visitor to connect with their social network of choice (Yahoo!, FaceBook, Twitter, Google and OpenID) publishers are maximizing this new form of link syndication.

Emerging data from use of these new tools, though, shows interesting results which may debunk some of the markets current assumptions. The common wisdom in social media circles would have publishers believe that implementing FaceBook Connect or Twitter is the answer.  However, early data on these sites shows that the majority of main stream audiences hold their affiliation to Yahoo! and Google in high regard. (See Chart above)

As many know, the Echo product features Yahoo! Connect login and a wide range of other login services like Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect, OpenID, Google Friend Connect etc. Once logged in, users can also share their comment with one or more of those social networks driving more traffic back to the publisher. Different users choose to use different methods for logging in and all are equally important.

The chart above was generated from the Echo system running on top sites and clearly demonstrates that Yahoo! is the leading login choice for mainstream users with Facebook and Google in second and third place respectively.

Khris Loux, the CEO of Echo, shared with PaidContent the following quote “Yahoo! Connect has driven the greatest number of logins across our top sites – by far. Multi-platform has been key to our strategy of turning publisher websites into first class citizens on the social web”

If you don’t have Yahoo! connect as well as all the other login methods enabled on your site already, or don’t have it tightly integrated with your social features, then we’d welcome you to consider adding Echo to your site for quick, powerful integration because Yahoo! and the other logins make up significant portions of the login pie.

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